Unforced Errors In The Desert
Joachim Coucke

HC / 80 pages / 25 x 17 cm
Published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle

Unforced Errors In The Desert is the first publication on the eponym work of artist Joachim Coucke (°1983, Kortrijk). The work consists of fake palm trees, cables and internet modems, and is a permanent installation at Liebaerts Projects in Kortrijk (B). This publication was made on the occasion of the Provincial Prize in Visual Arts of the Province of West-Flanders (B) in 2014. The book Dutch and English texts written by Oscar van den Boogaard and Wim Waelput. The book comes with a show held at Be-Part, Waregem from December 19th til March 1st 2015.


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