Polarisation Painting - Conflict Painting - Noise Painting
Boy & Erik Stappaerts

Soft cover / 24 pages / 30 x 30 cm
Published by MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

Boy & Erik Stappaerts (BES) create Conflict and Polarization ­Paintings without the conventional act of painting. A painter hasn’t needed a canvas, oil or acrylic paint, or a palette for a long time, much less a brush. Why can’t a painter simply be someone who wants to become sensible of the maximum potential of colours, which no doubt are best suited to ‘paint’ themselves? The painter then plays the part of ‘colour developer’, a person that helps colour — be it a digital creation on a computer or, still, a material mixture of pigments — approximate its optimal ‘fullness’. 

Boy & Erik Stappaerts is an artist who uses a double name as he thinks that his work is made by one person, divided in two roles. Boy is responsible for the artistic concept, Erik provides the productional aspect.


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