Fontana Huzjan Delvaux Derycke
Istvan Ist Huzjan

SC / 36 pages / 33,7 × 27,7 cm
Published by MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts and Edition Gallery Rigo, Muzej – Museo Lapidarium, Novigrad-Cittanova

cuts into canvas* 

performs in front of the cut canvas. 

photographs the performance in front of the cut canvas. 

forms a book from photographs of the performance in front of the cut canvas. 

* The artwork Concetto spatiale: “Attese” from 1967 was sold by Lucio Fontana to Museo Revoltella in Trieste at a symbolic price only a few months before the artist’s death in February of 1968. As one of his letters to the director of the museum attests, he agreed to entrust the artwork to the new modern art gallery believing it was “an honor to be present in the Museum”. 

Edition of 25 copies, numbered and signed.


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