Coup de Ville 2020
Chasing Flowers

Softcover / 120 pages / 330 x 245 mm
Published by MER. B&L

Every few years contemporary art platform WARP immerses the city of Sint-Niklaas (BE) in the hottest new art with the Coup de Ville arts tour. In 2020, Chasing Flowers will be a quest for flowers. For the first time since its launch WARP has given the artists a specific theme. The flower is a unique symbol, which connects nature and culture. The question is, how can we, through art, create space where not only economic but also ecological and social values are at stake? Coup de Ville 2020 combines new site-specific creations, with already existing historical art pieces or oeuvres of sometimes underestimated artists. From the concept of beauty to economics and migration and reproduction, all the artists choose their own angle to add to a concept which takes over the city.