Mimesis Nemesis
William Ploegaert

Hardcover / 144 pages
Published by MER. B&L

Mimesis Nemesis collects more than a hundred iPad drawings by William Ploegaert, created through intense observation, capturing the artist's extended environment.  

“In the opening scene of Tarkovsky's film Solaris, main character Kris Kelvin explores the natural elements in his garden with the greatest care and attention; a rippling brook with aquatic plants, some trees, flowers, and even a sudden thunderstorm. He experiences all this as if it were his last day. Callously implausible, it actually turns out to be the last time, because 24 hours later, he is on his way to a space station where all kinds of inexplicable things will happen. 

I recognise this kind of thorough observation. Often, my environment seems to reach me with great intensity, not as if it were the last time, but because it could be the last time. When I draw it, somehow, I part with it.”