Mark Cloet

Hardcover / 264 pages / 160 x 230 mm
Published by MER. B&L

Primarily a sculptor, Mark Cloet (BE, 1964) is well known for his way of working with different people, his impact as catalyser and creator of mutual understanding is from high standing level. He is omnipresent on the professional art platform as an art critic, he takes social initiatives, and actively participates in the discourse of what the arts can bring to the dystopia of our times. In 2011 he received a Fulbright Sir Award, a one-year- residency, at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA, later prolonged for 2 years. This publication is the report on his scholarship. But it is more than a chronicle of an artist’s stay in the USA. He grouped the essentials in the form of a Manifesto, his art theory of the day, and invited seven writers-participants to contribute.