Cérémonies &
Beatrice Balcou

Hardcover with dust jacket / 144 pages / 285 × 255 mm
Published by MER. B&L

The publication Cérémonies was conceived as a collaboration with the M-Museum (Leuven, BE) and La Ferme du Buisson (Noisiel, FR) on the occasion of Balcou’s solo exhibition at both venues. It brings together new texts, supported by images of Balcou’s most prominent works and installation views.

In performances, sculptures and installations Béatrice Balcou creates situations offering innovative exhibition rituals that challenge our way of looking at and perceiving objects—especially works of art. Homing in on attentiveness to the materiality of the artwork and the behaviour of the viewer, she investigates the perceived value of art and the role assigned to it by our contemporary lifestyles.