Comme si de rien n’etait
Les Monseigneurs

Hardcover / 128 pages / 280 x 210 mm
Published by MER. B&L

Thomas Renwart (°1995, BE) completed his master's degree in Visual Arts with a specialisation in Textile Design (LUCA School of Arts) in 2019. Since then he has worked under the alias Les Monseigneurs. Comme si de rien n’était: Catalogue & Cahier Intime is the first artist's book and monograph of Les Monseigneurs. Thomas Renwart created an intimate notebook in which he set up a dialogue between analogue photos of his artistic process and his archive of dried flowers and botanical drawings. It is the first anthology of his Horticultural Society: tapestries, embroidery and quilts with carefully chosen visual designs, and words and phrases that function as works of art. He lays bare an intimate artistic practice in which craftsmanship, technicality, locality, handicraft and a dose of poetic hooliganism fertilise and challenge each other. The book reads like a movable garden, and offers a precious look into the studio of this textile-gardener.

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