Selected Works 1978–2021
Ria Bosman

Hardcover / 216 pages / 290 × 270 mm
Published by MER. B&L

Ria Bosman’s body of work spans four decades. Like all abstract art, her work does not depict anything other than its presence as an object. Her woven pieces are minimal, geometric, and repetitive. Coloured strips of flax are tightly woven into flat tapestries, and only show a play of straight lines and rectangular planes, or small monochrome works that consist of pieces of leather glued together with paint; they form prolonged, recurring series in her oeuvre. Silent witnesses of: nothing. Yet her works resist a negative description with all their might, they are: something. They represent the hope that bright artifacts can emerge from the unknown visible, in order to contemplate that unknown, Untitled.