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Pieter Vermeersch

HC / 54 pages / 21 x 15 cm
Published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Koraalberg Art Gallery and CC Strombeek

Pieter Vermeersch’s art is about beauty and trying to make us experience colours within architectural modules. Intervening in existing or self-made architectural spaces, Vermeersch inscribes himself in a tradition of artists such as Piet Mondriaan, Oscar Schlemmer, El Lissitzky, Blinky Palermo, Dan Flavin, Daniel Buren, Sol LeWitt and Günter Förg. He keeps the memory of visual traditions alive and inserts a pictorial memory through the photographic and video recordings he incorporates in his work. These, in turn, become the basis of new installations and interventions that renew and reformulate the art of painting. In his impressive installations Vermeersch succeeds in stripping colour of all symbolism, restoring its status as an autonomous alphabet that lends meaning to space. 


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