Siegfried De Buck

SC / 64 pages / 22 x 16,2 cm
Published by Medium

As a contemporary jewellery designer and silversmith, Siegfried De Buck plays an important role in the development of Belgian goldsmithing. His career, in which craftsmanship and elegance are at the heart of things, spans over 30 years and bears witness to a great personality. Due to his continuous drive for innovation, one discerns various style periods within his design work. Led by his sense of materials, the designer merges precious and non-precious materials to form unique pieces. Ajour shows the jewellery of Siegfried De Buck in several images made by Luc Derycke, who placed the jewellery in a certain, almost nostalgic, context. Bart Janssen wrote several poems that capture the feeling, which the jewellery potentially evokes within the viewer.  


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