Everything Must Go!
Michael Landy

SC / 432 pages / 27,8 x 22,7 cm
Published by Ridinghouse

'Everything Must Go!' is the first major monograph of Michael Landy's work, spanning 20 years of his career. This book surveys his earliest work including lesser-known sculptures such as 'Sovereign' shown at Freeze in 1988, to large scale installations 'Market' at Building One in London, 'Closing Down Sale' at Karsten Schubert Ltd. and 'Scrapheap Services' first shown as part of the exhibition Brilliant! New Art from London in Minneapolis. Other works discussed in detail include the infamous 'Break Down', where Landy destroyed all 7,227 of his possessions in a department store on Oxford Street, 'Semi-detached' at Tate Britain, where Landy constructed a full-scale model of his family home, and the project H2NY where Landy made 168 drawings based on a Tinguely sculpture and performance Homage to New York.


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