X. Reflectie
Crepain Binst Architecture

SC / 246 pages / 28 x 22 cm
Published by Ludion

This book contains a vision on the future, as seen through the eyes of Luc Binst, together with the most remarkable references from the past few years (2005–2010). Luc Binst has felt the urge to 'build' a collective story with a number of architects, artists and prominent teachers from his field. This as a means of going back-to-basics, and to find a renewed focus on the essence.
Personal interviews and visits to the workshop with Luc Binst and Luk Lambrecht (art critic and curator) are included in this book, following a number of keywords in their conversations.
(source: Ludion)

Award Meest Inspirerende Architectuurboek 2012 (Architectura), 3rd prize


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